John Lawson lives in California with his wife and two children, and he works as a
principle technical writer for one of world’s largest software development companies. He is a college graduate, and considering his occupation, his degree wouldn’t be very surprising. He is a lifelong geek and nerd and dork and loves all things sci-fi/fantasy/comic-booky, much to his wife’s chagrin and his kids’ glee. He’s actually not all that interesting, which probably explains why he writes.

Before writing The Loathly Lady, John wrote three other books, Witch Ember, The Raven, and Sorrow, to which The Loathly Lady is something of a prequel. Please read them all. Not because they’re good, but because I asked you nicely.

When he is not working, commuting, spending time with his wife and kids, reading, eating, sleeping, or goofing off playing computer games, he occasionally can be found writing.