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The Honted Class Room

There once was a Honted class room. But kids still line tare. But all of them are ded!  They rom the class room. Hers how it happend. One nasty kid lit a fire in the room! But the door was loked! He didint chek befor because he thot it was not loked. He was wrogn! Onle one little girl did not diy. Her name is Sue. She fond the keys and unloked it! She never went to that school again! That nasty kid was the first one to die! Thats haw it happend.

Did you know that one little boy dard to go in the class room…  And got eten!  BOO………

Is that you? Yes it is! I am a ghosts! I live in a cemetaries.

Wate am I?

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